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Rent A Luxury Car

We need luxury cars, sometimes for the wedding of a friend, sometimes to impress someone and sometimes for your own wedding! In case you need a luxury car, TAN Tours and car rental has a variety of luxury cars for you to choose from. TAN Tours and car rental offers well-maintained and clean luxury cars to our clients; they can choose any and rent any luxury car they like.


Sports Utility Vehicles are among the most popular luxury vehicles. It has a bold look as compared to other vehicles. People enjoy it for tours, but it is also popular for weddings and off-road excursions. We have a wide selection of these luxury cars in a variety of colors for you if you want an SUV.



The Toyota Prado is a popular car. It’s a strong car and is ideal for off-road adventures. If you plan a game with your friends, the Prado is the best choice. It comes in white and black, and both come in different models. With this big shiny luxury car, you can elevate your status.

Land Cruisers Prado


Land Cruiser:

A Land Cruiser is a jeep-like vehicle that impresses your friends at first glance. If you need a luxury car for a wedding or a friend’s get-together, you must choose this. V8 is a popular Land Cruiser; TAN tours and car rentals can provide it. Off-road trips are also popular with it.

Land Cruiser


Luxury cars such as limousines are the rarest. Limousines are long luxury cars with partitions between the driver and passenger seats. There are very few rental services in Lahore that have limousines, but TAN tour and car rental has these cars in very good condition. Enjoy your ride in this luxury car.



Mercedes is manufactured by a German company, and its logo is on its bonnet. TAN tours and car rentals offers a variety of Mercedes models that are popular with customers. For your wedding, book a Mercedes and impress your friends and guests.



We at TAN Tours and Car Rentals have different BMW models in our collection, and you can book any of them for your special day. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, a German auto manufacturer.

We have all the luxury cars you could possibly want. Book your luxury car now and make this the most memorable day of your life!


Terms & Conditions:
  • Duty timing will be 12 hours.
  • Car will be with driver.