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Long Term Car Rental

For those requiring extended mobility solutions, our Long-Term Car Rental service offers flexibility and affordability. Whether it’s for a month or more, enjoy the convenience of a reliable vehicle for your long-term transportation needs without the commitment of ownership.

With Long-Term Car Rental, you get the same benefits as owning a car, but without the financial burden. You also don’t need to worry about regular maintenance, repairs, or insurance costs, as these are all included in the rental fee. Additionally, you can tailor your rental to your needs by choosing the type of car you want and the duration of the rental.

Toyota Gli

Honda Civic

You can also adjust your rental when you need to, giving you the flexibility that comes with not having to purchase a car. Long-term Car Rental is a great option for those that need a car but don’t want to commit to purchasing one.

Terms & Conditions:

Toyota Revo 4x4


  • Duty timing will be 12 hours.
  • Car will be with driver.